Should you think twice before doing business with Yelp?

Considering Advertising with Yelp?

When you’re considering how to advertise your business online, there are many different options and outlets to consider. One of the most popular platforms is Yelp since they have partnered with Apple. Now Siri will navigate your through a search and recommend items from Yelp. This alone give Yelp Business influence and make their exposure at the top of our SEO ranking lists. We at Make It Rain Marketing would like to give you a couple of tips so you can make a good decision and hopefully we can prevent you from making a mistake. Check out why and why not we suggest our clients to consider spending money with Yelp Business.

Why do business with Yelp?

Exposure is everything and internet marketing is the engine that drives new customers to your business. It’s a “no brainer” to list your business with Yelp. -The Rainmaker

Why should you decline doing business with Yelp?

Getting reviews on Yelp isn’t an exact science and the only ones that will for sure remain on your site are negative reviews. We at Make It Rain Marketing would admit that fake reviews should be removed from company pages however Yelp takes this to an entirely new level. We’ve actually had a few experiences of Yelp offering to remove one star reviews if a company is willing to advertise with them. That practice is unethical and resides on the border of extortion in our opinion so we recommend that you pass on advertising with them.

Every business owner realizes the value of a phone number and if you stop to think about it for a second it makes since. How much would you sell your phone number for right now? Yelp will change your phone number to their number so when your customers call the number that’s posted on your Yelp Business ad, they can screen the call and then sell it to you. Now you’re actually paying for a phone call that would have been free for a non-paying customer. Don’t allow them to put your business on the top of the internet and then charge you for call that would have been free if you hadn’t decided to do business with them.

Make It Rain Marketing recommends that you submit a listing on Yelp with your business phone number and website but use a different name. We recommend that you use a name that describes the service that you offer instead of the name of your business to prevent future crippling press. This will surely keep them from slandering your business as a “one star” company on the top of google with absolutely no way of removing it. Keep your company promoted and protected so that a media outlet or one disgruntle person can’t possibly ruin your online reputation. Call Make It Rain Marketing at 903–420–0736 and let us SEO your company correctly so that a continuation of growth and development is birthed from the good seeds that are sewn.

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