(This article is inspired on the article of Peter Olsthoorn (independent journalist, author of books addressing the power of Google and Facebook and chronicling the history of the internet and first-gen/former “chief annotator” of MMGA), which was published on the Internet Society’s Dutch website under the title: NU.nl, the Netherlands’ Biggest News Service, Tests New Annotation System. Annotations by Ruben Brave (founder MMGA), Ellen Bokkinga (MMGA annotator coach) and Siji Jabbar (translation & final edit).)

How can anyone tell these days what is factually accurate and what isn’t? What is formulated to reveal and what is written to conceal and mislead?

These are increasingly pressing questions, especially as the next historical round of disinformation is upon us and ‘fake news’ is flourishing in all its glory. Can critical readers, viewers and listeners help in improving the reliability of our information?

Yes, they can, and Make Media Great Again (MMGA), a new non-profit start-up, is capitalizing on this idea with a method for delivering constructive criticism.

MMGA is introducing the concept of annotation in online journalism

MMGA.io — Make Media Great Again

We improve the quality of media together with their pool of knowledgeable readers, viewers and listeners, via our journalistic annotation system: www.mmga.io

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