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Baratunde Thurston: On Creativity, Comedy, and the Creative Class. 

What is your dream for the future of America?

Nirvan Mullick: Caine’s Arcade and the Power of Cardboard.

It all started with going to buy a door handle for my ‘96 Corolla. It was the last day of summer and I was in an industrial…

Natalie Bailey: McDonald’s 2.0.

I am not proud that I called McDonald’s at four o’clock in the morning. And much to everyone’s befuddlement, it wasn’t for my usual hot fudge sundae.

Michael Brennan: Socially Conscious Geeks.

How can a computer scientist make direct, tangible impact on the lives of individuals around the world? I don’t mean through a fancier phone or…

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American Dreamers brings together the optimists, mavericks and mad inventors who believe we can create a better world. Read the dreams of others and share your own. How can we make the future a brighter place? Tell us.

Ross Borden: Get Out There.

Americans don’t travel much. Only 33 percent of us even own a passport, a figure that’s been inflated since immigration began requiring more than a driver’s…

SoulPancake ft. Rainn Wilson: Talking About Faith.

What kind of future do you dream of and what needs to be done to get there?

Naomi Pomeroy: Analog Food.

My restaurant, Beast, was started with fifty thousand dollars. That is what the whole thing cost to build. It was sustainable because I didn’t take out a huge…

Rae Bryant: Is It Fun? Not So Much. Is It Necessary? Absolutely. 

I see layers of gender on social biases, images of women, bones and flesh, over layed words, desire, oppression, and…

Melissa Hanna: Arms Flung Open.

What our tomorrow holds:

The possibility of being happy and comfortable in our own skin.

John Zogby: We Don’t Need Data, We Need People.

I am an optimist and maintain that. I didn’t start out that way. I let my numbers do the talking. I think that America has increasingly…

Jon Friedman. Freight Farms. 

Freight Farms introduces a scalable farming platform that can be operated anywhere. By up-cycling shipping containers into a source for high yield crop…