Founder Friday — Meet Karol from Luma Legacy

Karol Munoz, CEO of Luma Legacy

Learn more about Karol Munoz from Luma Legacy. Luma Legacy is helping us celebrate our most meaningful (digital) moments.

Karol Munoz is the co-founder and CEO of Luma Legacy. She has had many jobs in her life; waiting at restaurants, a beauty advisor at Macy’s Lancome counter, assistant at a print shop and UI/UX designer at award winning design studios where she worked with clients like Lytro, HBO, Cooper Union, Victoria’s Secret and Salesforce. She was the happiest working with early stage startups, sitting right next to CEO and learning as much as she could; Always knowing eventually, she would start something of her own.

For a few years, Karol obsessed about our digital legacy. We value our photos as much as ever but we keep them in our hard-drives. Our most meaningful photos and recordings are under-valued and made to feel disposable. With the rising popularity of wearables, Karol saw the opportunity to elevate the value of these photos by putting them inside something as permanent as jewelry. Our lives are a collection of stories; just like a charm bracelet. Wearables today give us alerts and quantify our lives, Luma Legacy is focusing on the true beauty of jewelry; The sentiment.

Karol was born in Chile and moved to New York with her family as a child. Her parents were chasing the American Dream and that is at the core of who she is. Growing up she identified with New York’s vibrant Hip-Hop culture and themes of entrepreneurship and elevating your life through your art and message. Still, her favorite quote is that of east coast rapper and now investor Nas; “The world is yours.” As a teenager she could be found in the dark room developing photography or updating the CSS and graphics of her Myspace profile. Her love of art, fashion and digital design led her to study Graphic Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Karol wants to see more women, designers and Latinas in leadership positions.

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