Founder Friday — Meet Javier from Gaszen

#FounderFriday — Meet Javier Dávila, Founder and COO of Gaszen, a León, Mexico based company building an IoT platform for propane gas management.

Javier Dávila, COO of Gaszen


What did you think you wanted to be when you were in HS?

When I was in high school I was focused in 3 different activities. Of course part of my time was attending to school and studying but I also sold had my business, I sold muffins at school breaks and finally I played basketball. At that age I wanted to be a professional basketball player at the NBA.

What did you study in college and what was your first job?

I am original from Mexico, where I studied electronics and telecommunications. I didn’t get a job when I finished my bachelors, instead I went abroad to Jönkoping Sweden where I studied a master’s degree in Embedded Systems. I immediately got a job at a startup called infobrick where I developed a wireless communication system for managing and tracking tools in a construction site. It was fun and challenging to invent and develop such an embedded system.

What did you do in your previous life, prior to founding Gaszen?

During my previous life as a startup guy I worked during several years in CombiQ AB, a startup in Sweden, where I developed sensors and wireless protocols for gardening equipment, trucks, and elderly care.


What inspired you to work on this idea?

When I came back from Sweden I was taking a hot shower and suddenly ice cold freezing water start shooting at me. I was got so angry and I could not believe that we in Mexico had to suffer that kind of problematic. Then one of our current colleague was working for a gas supplier and he came with an analogue gas indicator, I saw it and realized it we could develop a very simple solution that could solve an Industry problem!

The Gaszen team

What has been your biggest challenge growing your company?

The biggest challenge of growing my company is to be able to concentrate and focus when there is so much uncertainty. There are so many questions in a startup that are not yet answered and sometimes you feel you are going round in circles. Being able to get out that mood and focus in what it is really important is the biggest challenge of all.

What has been your biggest win?

Gaszen team after a Hackathon win

When we were 2 weeks after we run out of money for the second time, we decided to go to the biggest hackathon in the world, where there would be 20,000 participants. We realized that it was our only chance of staying alive, so even though all the odds were against us, we managed to win the competition and get $50,000 and that gave us gasoline for our next 6 months.


When you’re not working on your company, how do you spend your time?

Javier & baby Liam

I think, I should have a different answer for that, but when I am not working, I am working. My brain cant just stop from work. I feel very commited with myself and all the investors that have bet on us. Anyway I want to change that and have more time for doing sports and exercise.

Best place you’ve ever traveled to?

The ice hotel in Kiruna Sweden was a great adventure, experiencing extremely cold temperatures and being able to see the aurora borealis was an amazing moment.

How would your mother describe your personality?

She will say I am a very persistent person. Also that I am very grateful with people and generous.

Your favorite get sh*t done quote —

“The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting.” — Walt Disney

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