Unconventional Superpowers

Who is your favorite superhero? Is it the lightning-fast Flash, is it Batman with his utility belt of gizmos and gadgets, or is it maybe Cyborg with his half-man, half-robot body? Have you ever wanted to be as strong or as fast as any of these heroes? While you may not be falling into a vat of radioactive juices and getting your own spidey-senses any time soon, there are kids who are being given a helping hand.

There are kids around the world who are born without fingers or toes. They have a harder time tying their shoes, eating their lunch, playing sports, and even performing simple tasks like using a pencil or coloring a picture.

Inventor, Ivan Owen, has created a way for these kids to be have their own sort of superpowers which help them do all the activities that other kids would normally do. While Ivan’s invention may not give these kids the power to fly hundreds of feet in the air or to stop speeding bullets, the invention gives them a fighting chance at a perfectly normal life.

Kids who are given these Transformer-looking hands, at first glance, may be mistaken for Optimus Prime. But they don’t only look cool, they also give them the ability to catch a baseball or ride a bike. These special hands are assembled by volunteers who want to help these kids go about their normal lives by helping out in any way they can. The put together the parts of these prosthetic hands that were printed out by new, 3D printing technology. The Cyborg Beast, The Talon-Hand 2.X and the Raptor Hand are designed to look like a kid has Iron Man gloves instead of having a disability.

About 7% of kids have a need for this awesome kind of superpower. It takes about a day to put the whole contraption together before it can begin to help a child in need. Thousands of people have already begun to devote their time to making robotic hands to transform the lives of these kids. Hundreds of kids have already helped, and you can help them too because anybody can volunteer to put together this new invention.

If you have ever played with Legos or K’NEX, you already know the basics of how to make these hands. An 8-year-old boy named Ethan Brown has been wearing the cyborg accessory in black and red to represent his school’s colors. Even though he was once teased for being different, now his classmates want to have a hand just like his.

A lot of kid’s lives have been changed by this new invention, thanks to Ivan Owen and the many volunteers who help make them. Now differently-abled kids who used to have a hard time with their day-to-day activities have the power to play like the superheroes of their dreams.

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