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Nov 6, 2018 · 4 min read
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Blockchain Summit Latin America Colombia represents the second edition of an exciting event where MakerDAO was present and sponsoring a Hackathon Challenge. These events and initiatives help users and crypto enthusiasts understand the vibrant crypto ecosystem of Latin America, one of the places with most use cases in the world.

Many of the technologies presented and the talks given were focused around social impact and economic development of the region, something refreshing for local audiences to hear.

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On day one, our rockstar Head of Backend Services, Mariano Conti was part of a panel discussion about Dapps and User adoption, together with representatives from NEM and NEO. Mariano highlighted the importance of financial systems and tools that are built with a social sensibility in its core, always having security and auditability as a base layer.

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BSL Hackathon

Why an Open Bounty? At Maker we don’t want to set any limits and that is why we didn’t force teams to work on a particular problem. We helped them with their inspiration by sharing a document with all the projects of past hackathons so they were able to mix ideas or produce some spin-offs of them.

Here are the Winners:


El Meridian Group SAS–formed by Santiago Araujo, Camilo Soto, Alejandro Medina
and Rafael Saavedra– worked on a solution to the problem of generating automatic and reliable payments along different steps of the coffee supply chain. To accomplish this they extended components of the Trace.Coffee traceability platform with smart contracts to store Dai funds and to trigger payments to players in the coffee trade as coffee moves along the production process and supply chain.

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The process — Step by Step:

  1. The buyer makes the full payment in Dai, but the funds are not given to the producer. Instead they remain stored in an Escrow smart contract.
  2. The producer finishes a stage of the coffee production.
  3. The producer uses the Trace.Coffee mobile app to report the information, photos and other possible proof that will give testimony of the progress and the quality reached in that stage.
  4. The data is sent by the mobile app to the Trace.Coffee backend.
  5. The Trace.Coffee backend calls the Verification smart contract with the information received from the mobile app.
  6. The Verification smart contract evaluates the information against predefined conditions. If the conditions are met, it calls the Escrow smart contract so that it makes a payment to the producer.
  7. The key data is stored in the blockchain.
  8. The buyer is notified via a Telegram chatbot about the progress.
  9. Steps 3 to 9 are repeated for each coffee production stage until the process is finished, the product is delivered to the buyer and the producer (and potentially other agents in the coffee supply chain) receives the final payment automatically.

Feeless Dai Transaction

The other winning team, VR3 from Mexico, might sound familiar since they were the winner of the Unicef Hackathon past month with their Linda project.

On this occasion VR3 created a web app to send DAI but with subsidized transaction.

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Feeless Dai is a prototype that allows the user to send DAI (ERC20 token) without spending Ethereum gas in the process.

It consists of a web application and a special wallet that subsidizes the transfer. Each time a DAI user wants to send a transfer without commission, this special wallet sends the necessary funds according to the gas value at that precise moment, once received, the user can send the funds without having used their own ETH.

Feeless DAI verifies that the account that requests funds has DAI in it, then labels it and blocks the subsidy of the following transactions until the previous one has been made in order to protect the subsidiary account.

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We thank all the participants for their effort and enthusiasm. Speaking ofenthusiasm, we are thrilled to announce our Core Community Development Initiative, an important step in the development of MakerDAO and Dai, integrating education, development, representation and many more initiatives, we recommend you read the post to learn more about it.

Saludos from Colombia!

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