The dropping of the Evolution theory chapter from Iraqi high-school curriculum

as well as Turkey, the Iraqi ministry of education dropped the Evolution theory chapter from the High School Curriculum for the Sixth-grade

in 16th August 2017 a photo has been spread in social media contain the new Index of the Biology textbook

with a huge negative change “deleting the evolution theory chapter”

after decades of dereliction and Non-teaching of the evolution theory chapter, the Iraqi ministry of education decided to delete it

but what are the Convincing reasons of deleting?

is the deleting stand for religious reasons

or the ministry of education refuse the scientific facts and create their own!

the ministry didn’t state any explanations yet.

“the academic Community reaction to this news is a massive anger wave.”

said Aliaa Mohammed, an Iraqi Blogger attentive in following this subject

The Ministry of Education supposed to improve the Education System via Providing new ways of teaching that include: introduce the students how to science works and how the Scientific Method constantly shaping our World, but what we are seeing is the contrary of that

For example, most of the students in Iraq are teaching by a teacher indoctrinate his students and when they ask him he will say

it is just a theory or it is just a number he is passing what his teachers indoctrinate him to other generations!

As that I think building schools to decreasing the overcrowding schools rates is better than deleting a fundamental chapter due to preceding chapters (the Cell, the Tissues, the Reproduction, the Genetics) are so related to the Scientific conceptions of the Evolution theory.

while Dr.Mohammed Fawzi who has a Ph.D. in human genetics clarified the importance of understanding the Evolution concepts for raising up the Scientific conscious of the students and he posted on his Facebook account the following ironic post

“We congratulate our people on deleting the chapter on evolution from the sixth grade textbook, because we have no need to evolve. Backwardness is beautiful!

Congratulations to us on our stance against the greatest scientific truths. Then come those who say: “Why are our people backward”

I can’t find a Logical purpose in deleting the chapter from the textbook or neglect it by the teachers

but I found a strong relationship between supporting science and progression.

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