Secure, fast and easier Google Login

When we first added Google Plus Login to Instacart Android app, we saw 40% of users jumping on it to sign-in and sign-up. Since then we were on the lookout for opportunities to make this flow better. After getting an early access to new Google Login SDK (as part of 8.30 Play Services) three weeks ago, we revisited the implementation, drastically improving UX and making it even faster than before.

No additional permissions

First of all, new Google Login SDK doesn’t require for application to get GET_ACCOUNTS runtime permission from user, which greatly simplifies the flow on Android M.

Faster and secure login

Early on, we decided that users shouldn’t remember how did they create their accounts with us (email, Facebook or Google). Using Google or Facebook, we would obtain user’s email, check it against our database and if account with such email already exists, we would login user into an existing account

Reduced boilerplate

Using anything involving Google Play Services usually resulted in boilerplate code intended to manage connection to Play Services app upon different stages of Activity/Fragment life-cycle.
New SDK takes care of the life-cycle synchronization and allows you to concentrate on the login process itself.

Engineering Manager @ Instacart, ex- Uber, ex- Kiva Systems

Engineering Manager @ Instacart, ex- Uber, ex- Kiva Systems