How Does Your Business Find the Right Talent for your Workforce?

The task of finding and retaining talent is a never-ending challenge for many businesses. The day of the ‘hired-for-life’ employee is gone, as people today are far more willing to switch jobs than ever before. This put a stress on businesses, who often find that they will end up providing what amounts to on-the-job training for an employee — only to have him or her leave shortly after that training is completed. Then they are back to ‘square one’.

Businesses generally have two options when it comes to finding employees — to ‘do-it-themselves’, or to procure the services of a business staffing agency. While some businesses are set up to be able to find new talent — perhaps they have a well-functioning HR Department — many companies are not — and therefore they have to improvise. Often, a person within the company is assigned the job of finding the new hire — of contacting the potential employee — conducting the initial interview — and more. This can create an unfortunate scenario and can often lead to the wrong person being hired.

A business staffing agency can provide some great benefits at this point — benefits that will more than cover the costs associated with utilizing the services of the staffing agency. Here are some benefits to consider:

Great Talent is Hard to Find — a great Business Staffing Agency Knows How to Find It

As the job market has gotten stronger over the past several years, talented candidates now have more options than ever. This makes the hiring process a far more difficult endeavor than it used to be.

A professional business staffing agency has the expertise to locate talent — and can save your company time and money by bringing to you only the candidates you need. They can prescreen candidates and can qualify them — so as increasing the likelihood of a match to what you need.

A Workforce that Can Adapt to Your Business

More and more businesses are realizing the value of having a fluid workforce; that is, a workforce that ebbs and flows with their business operations. Having temporary employees added when times are busy — and being able to reduce workforce when times are lean — provides a flexibility to businesses that full-time hires do not.

In addition to being a convenience for the business, a fluid workforce also can result in real cost-savings.

Reduced Risk and Responsibility

As any employer knows, having employees on your payroll involves a certain level of risk and responsibility. Taxes, insurance, adherence to labor laws, and more are some responsibilities that fall to the employer.

Typically, business staffing agencies are to assume full responsibility for their temporary associates while they are assignment, as they are considered the employer of record. As such, there is a reduced risk and responsibility on the part of the business who is using the services of the business staffing agency.

Of course, the level of each of these benefits will depend upon the business staffing agency you chose to work with, as well as your business’ precise needs. It’s best to request a time to interview a staffing agency, to find out how they can best benefit your business.

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