Michigan’s Job Market in 2017: 5 Things to Watch

Changes are coming to the Michigan economic landscape over the next year — most of which will have a positive effect on the Michigan job market.

So says a forecast from the University of Michigan, as it took a closer look at developments that will effect the Michigan economy in 2017.( link here to the research study)

The report predicts that after eight straight years of adding jobs, experts estimate that Michigan’s economic growth will create 64,800 additional jobs in 2017. This will place a greater demand on the supply of workers and employees, as businesses scramble to fill positions across many sectors of the economy.

As a result, staffing firms in Michigan as well as Michigan recruiting firms should be very busy in 2017. As employers scramble to find new employees and workers to fill jobs, they no doubt will turn to staffing firms in Michigan to fill these positions.

Additionally, Michigan recruiting firms may need to broaden their search for people to fill positions, even looking outside the state of Michigan.

The report also says that there are some key areas to watch in relation to Michigan’s job market; both employers and job seekers alike should be aware of these trends:

1. The need for construction workers is expected to blossom in 2017, adding 10,000 more jobs next year alone. Staffing firms in Michigan would do well to increase the number of construction workers on their roles, especially those in the skilled trades.

2. Government jobs will also show a modest increase in 2017, that will see municipalities and government agencies (local and state) turn to hiring new employees next year.

3. The leisure and hospitality sector in Michigan should grow In 2017, as tourism in Michigan continues to boom. Michigan recruiting firms should be looking for new prospects who are trained in or have experience in the leisure and hospitality industry.

4. The city of Detroit will continue to be a hub of growth in 2017, as businesses invest heavily in the city and as more businesses move into one of the city’s rapidly-emerging business centers. Staffing firms in Michigan, especially those in the Metro Detroit area, will be busy supplying employees to fill positions in Detroit.

5. The number of manufacturing jobs is expected to grow as well, although more modestly than other sectors, adding 5,000 more jobs in 2017. Only a modest portion of this growth is expected to come from the Big Three automakers.

So what does all of this add up to for both employers and employees? Opportunities! For employers, they may find that using the services of a staffing firm in Michigan will be preferential to full-time hires, as this give employers an opportunity to evaluate workers before hiring them. It also makes letting an employee go easier, in case the current economic growth slows.

Employees also may find that working with a Michigan recruiting firm to find the position they are seeking would be a wise and prudent investment.

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