You’ve never been to the ghetto. Obviously.
A Ennis

And I’m sure you don’t view your thinking as problematic and/or violent. And herein lies the problem. What this writer described is life. You described instances. No matter how many ghettos you’ve been to, the entire world could yet be your oyster with more ease than me. I could act tough and beat your ass…or you could beat mine. Which one of us would be targeted as the aggressor first in either scenario?

Basically what you just did in your rant was deny racism, and the role White women play. You say we have the power because we act tough in ghettos. Does that even make sense? And next…you’ll probably cry and play victim to my words rather than check yourself and your twisted way of thinking. Or maybe you just articulated it wrong.

But, for the record…not all Black women live in ghettos.

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