#YesAllGirls: Malala talks about the refugee crisis

Around the world, more than 10 million children are refugees. More than half of them fled violent conflicts or wars. Girls suffer the most and are least likely to be in school.

Malala traveled to Lebanon, Kenya, Jordan and Rwanda to meet refugee girls and hear their stories. In this new video, she wants you to meet them, too.

Watch and share this video to show that we are standing together for millions of refugee girls ― #YesAllGirls ― around the world.

Prime ministers and presidents will gather for their annual meeting in New York City next week. Malala is asking them to listen to girls like Rahma, Angel, Muzoon and Tasneem. Will you join her?

Let’s keep up the momentum and share this new video so even more people will join our fight for #YesAllGirls.

With hope and determination,

Malala Fund Team

P.S. There is still time to share your #YesAllGirls photos by September 20 when world leaders will meet in New York. We want 10 million or more people to participate ― we know that, for as many refugee children in the world today, there are as many of us standing with them. Share your #YesAllGirls photo ― or challenge a friend to share one today!

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