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I try to put myself in your shoes as the reader of my writing. I am not happy with how I will probably be perceived, but I don’t know how to make it any better.

As I said in another comment, “Don’t sell yourself short!” You are a good writer. Your efforts to put yourself in the shoes of others, especially those who are different from you, will serve you well… keep it up.

I’m tainted with my perspective and fear that some of the word choices or references might be received as haughty.

Aren’t we all tainted with our perspectives!!! I do not perceive your choice of words as haughty… just sincere.

I see you are trying to keep us on the path. I wish to be viewed with the same spirit.

I do see you in that spirit, Larry… the spirit of trying to keep us on the path. I very much appreciate your efforts in the dialogue we are having. I am not really sure what our path is… should be… or if it should be anything at all… sometimes it is good to follow a path, not knowing anything about where it will lead… just to enjoy and learn from the journey… That has been the case for me up to now… but now, I am beginning to feel lost… like I am going around in circles… I think it is time for us to take separate paths for a while… To “leave well enough alone.” I have not “lost heart”… I just feel it is time for me to try other things.

I thank you for all your thoughtful and respectful interaction!!!

All the best to you,
Mal, AKA Steve