How to Fix American Government In Three Easy Steps
Jack Preston King

For the record, I’m a flaming liberal…

I’m not too keen on item number one. Much to arbitrary, and makes being rich bad. I much prefer a very strictly enforced law requiring 100% divestment in all businesses before appearing on any ballot… although, I think that is too draconian for small local government.

Item number 2 is a fantastic idea… Both the psychological test and a comprehensive civics test should be required. I don’t know how deep into local government this should apply, but certainly it should be done at all they higher elected levels.

I like item number 3 too… and there should also be a limit on when campaigning can begin… say, 3 or at most 6 months prior to the election. That is likely to be challenged on the basis of a 1st amendment violation.

As you said, I am thinking most of that will never happen… But item 2 by itself would have saved us from the boob currently occupying the White House.

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