Open Letter from a Bernlary Supporter
Chris Hon

…and simply believed that Bernie would better represent and effectuate those values as President of the United States than Hillary would. For others, the goal was never to pick the best progressive or Democratic or even liberal candidate for the presidency, it was about throwing a wrench in the gears of the status quo…

Neither of those things for me… I like H… a lot, not perfect, but who is… I liked B even more… but I was rooting for H from the git go because I thought B would be crucified on the cross of “socialism”… and thus stood no chance… Little did I know that the cross of a “personal email server” is even worse…

[ Mal puts paw to forehead… shakes head… ]

As it turns out, it may be better that Trump won… HOLD ON… before you cram that bar of soap into my mouth… I know, I know… it sounds crazy… During the 2012 election I was talking with a very disillusioned twenty-something (I’m a sixty-something)… he said he felt it was futile to vote for Obama or any progressive (in spite of the fact that he was clearly a progressive) because he felt the system was so badly broken that the only hope to fix it was to let it devolve into total chaos, then people would actually see the true colors of the righties… At the time I wasn’t sure we could survive that kind of chaos… I’m still not… but, with Trump in the white house and a desperately fractured Republican party chewing itself to pieces, we just might be on the yellow brick road that young man was imagining.

Ivanka Trump is right: “Perception is more important than reality.” Let me back that up for a second. What I mean is that people behave (i.e. vote and engage in politics) based on their perception of reality rather than what reality actually is. This isn’t a dig on people’s intelligence or aptitude, but rather a simple truth of being human.

Here Here!!!!!!! Sometimes called Confirmation Bias. That is, we as “humans”, are very easily swayed to perceive… or more broadly, believe… what we want reality to be… what feels comfortable to us. This problem pervades every sphere of human belief, politics included, and may well be a key factor in the demise of our species… and sadly, many other species are likely to go down with us.

[ Mal sighs… steps down off of his soapbox… curls up for a nap… tucks his nose under his tail… ]

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