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That’s why these stories actually do matter, folks. 22% of his presidency has spent on a golf course. Do you think he’s out there talking policy? Do you think he’s out there making executive decisions about the future of this country? Do you think he’s out there making trade deals, meeting with foreign diplomats and digitationes? Working on the United States reputation abroad? You think he’s strategizing against ISIS out there on the golf course? No.

Of course not. They guy doesn’t have the, knowledge, competence, or work ethic to do any of those things. We are all probably better off with him on the golf course.

Listen, here’s the deal, I’ll make you this deal right now, you step down from the presidency because you don’t want to do the work and I will never talk about you again. How about that? I think we could get a lot of folk in progressive media to go ahead and make that agreement. If you’re just willing to step down, because obviously you don’t want to do it, we’ll stop talking about you. We’ll move on.

His reply, “WHAT!!!?!?!?!?!?!???? Are you crazy???? I want you to talk about me. I want you to tell me I am the most wonderful President in the history of America… No… In the history of the entire universe… Including the part before the big bang.”

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