This may be too simplistic but I think democrats slogan should be something along the lines of…We…
lost and found

Sadly, another thing we have learned about “the average American voter” is that they are complacent… many of them see elections like reality TV shows… mid-terms aren’t important enough to pay attention.

Also, the republicans (especially the most radical righties) figured out that compromise is a losing strategy for them. So they resolved to obstruct when they were out of power… they did that very effectively… Much of the electorate did not pay attention to why nothing was getting done… they bought into the narrative that the whole system is broken (another rightie narrative). People’s lives became more difficult, they became angry, and they decided they were gonna try something different… Well… we certainly got that.

[ Mal shakes head slowly, wanders off, ears drooping, tail dragging… ]

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