I agree! believe the act of prediction defines any organism with a brain, including insects…
Karen Kilbane

…instead of suggestion people become more empathetic to refugees I would describe how to access organizations assisting refugees.

There are some people (many, actually) who disdain empathy… who abhor the notion of helping others. Here are some quotes by Ayn Rand…

- A man’s highest moral purpose is the achievement of his own happiness.
- Each man must live as an end in himself, and follow his own rational self-interest.
- I am challenging the moral cause of altruism. The precept that man’s moral duty is to live for others.
- (paraphrase) Loving others above one’s self is immoral.
- (paraphrase) A week man does not deserve love.

This ideology has gained strength in America of late. Most notably with Libertarians.

No amount of information about “how to access organizations assisting refugees” will inspire people who think only (or primarily) of their own interests to help others… especially, when they have been given permission (by Trump and his ilk) to be openly hateful.

You talk about the “mechanics” of our emotions… I have come to believe that people who find empathy appealing are literally wired differently than people who find empathy unappealing.

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