Pedagogy is Poetry: US Geography and Kim Davis
Ned Dougherty

Um… Can I attend your classes… Hmmm… probably not… I think, being 66, I’d look kinda out of place… But DAMN you’re a good teacher! I would so love to be a “witness” lead by you!

I know, I’m leading the witness.

Well, yeah… but that’s what teachers do, isn’t it??? And you do it in such an engaging and thought inspiring way.

I want to mention something I noticed on those maps… Seeing the Obama/Romney map… right away I noticed a river of blue in a sea of red… like a tributary of the Mississippi river… with headwaters in northeastern North Carolina… flowing south and west through South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and joining the Mississippi river at the borders of Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Seeing the poverty map, I quickly spotted the same river. Similar correlations appear all over the map.

One might be inclined to think that poverty inspires liberalism… but there are plenty of deep red districts that are poverty stricken… So, I wonder what the real correlating factor is? What draws some poor people to conservative ideas and others to liberal ideas?

What is religious freedom and what does the freedom allow Americans to do?

An interesting question, and one that may inspire me to offer my thoughts in a Medium article.

Mal, AKA Steve

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