Constant Existential Dread: A Beginner’s Guide
Jenny Jaffe

Well… In spite of whatever difficulties you have, they haven’t hindered your talents as a writer… Who knows… they might even help… whatever, you’re fuckin’ GOOD!

I struggle to read and comprehend… it’s the comprehending thing that is difficult for me… but you kept me engaged top to bottom… and I’ll be damned if I didn’t comprehend most of it.

There were several choice lines that really grabbed me…

This is where the airline videos got it right: secure your mask before helping others. Before you can do anything else, you have to be able to breathe.

A perfect metaphor!

I promise they will still be there, ready to make you angry, in the morning.

This little piece of humor is just wonderful!!! Made your point so well, and had me laughing out loud… It seems to me that just being who you are… full throttle… makes you a very effective and compelling writer.

Thanks for the “taking care of myself tips”… Now, if I can just get myself to do a few of them… Oh yeah… I loved this one…

“Okay, I can have these pretzels but then I have to wait 15 minutes before having the brownies”
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