“I’m a flaming liberal” made me laugh, and I know that the “flame” is not destructive; — it is warm…
Viviana Rose

…it is a good flame.

When I say “flaming liberal” I mean a fervent, unapologetic, and proud liberal…

It’s never meant to be a destructive or cruel flame…

I’m not sayin’ that flame doesn’t sometimes rise up with some indignation (as it did when I replied to this article)… As I said, I get sick and tired of hearing that people who don’t share my views are the enemy. We are never gonna heal this nation if can’t learn to accept and find ways to get along with those who are different.

Furthermore, when people with whom I have disagreed do something good (as was the case when GWB denounced Trump), then I think it is time to stand up and give them the praise they deserve.

So there!!!

[ Mal steps down off his soap box… shakes out his fur coat… lies down and curls up for a nap… tucking his snout under his fluffy tail… ]

BTW Viviana Rose, if you want to understand what that stage direction style note is about, you can read about it here:o}

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