317. I have 500 published stories on Medium — here are the 5 ways I’ve changed
Johnson Kee

It’s easy to burn out when you’re trying to write every day. It can make your words seem meaningless, like you’re going through the motions. But you have to go through the motions to make inspiration come. You can’t wait for it.
People think inspiration is something that has to be bottled up and used because it comes when it wants to. No no. You can train it to be summoned and while it may be stubborn some days, show it who’s master and it will have no choice but to listen to you.

WOW!!! Does that hit the nail on the head!!!

So much time is lost just “waiting for inspiration”… but… I don’t seem to have the patience to “go through the motions” until “eventually.”

I know what drives me… I guess I’m not really a writer… more of a hedonist…

[ Mal sighs… wanders off… ears drooping… tail dragging… ]

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