Trying out a new Medium

Hello final #loweclass project, we’re coming for you.

This week in class we talked all things Medium. I’m pumped for us to use a writing platform that is both user friendly and driven by topics. I think it’s a perfect place to hash out our final projects for the semester. The thing is though, everytime someone mentions the word “final project” I make this face:

As we watch our midterm projects roll out to the world on I can’t help but hear Herbert Lowe’s voice saying that this new chapter is going to be the, “Best journalism you have done, period.”

Looking forward to the (dreaded) end of the semester, this is where I think I want to head with my project.

This Opdoc, Riding With the 12 O’Clock Boys, was my favorite that we watched in #loweclass (or digital journalism class at Marquette University, for people not in the know). The creators aren’t providing too much background or specifics, but they’re still managing to tell a pretty compelling story. I get that journalism is all about providing depth, but I appreciate a good slice of life piece now and again.

With my final project I want to go along the lines of Broadly’s lasted video, Meet the Real People Behind Your Virtual Boyfriend.

Interested? Yeah, so was I.

Broadly is one of Vice’s many forms, but it only covers women-centric pieces. It still has Vice’s grit and combat boot attitude, but paired with a mini skirt and purple lipstick.

As the editor in chief, Tracie Egan Morrissey, wrote it in her Letter from the Editor,

“Now is the time to elevate the coverage of women’s interests by telling the stories that matter to us, through in-depth, original reporting and documentary video. We didn’t want to hold our breath and wait for general interest outlets to do that. With Broadly, we’re just going to do it ourselves.”

I appreciate a good can-do attitude. This format might not be a perfect fit for the #loweclass final, but I think the pacing and B-Roll are really inspiring. Is it going to be a struggle attempting to make something like this? Of course. But it wouldn’t be a #loweclass project without me struggling a little.

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