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The ignorance of the actual issues shown in some of the comments below is a direct result of the “poor Semenya, can’t we all just get along” tone of the story, which omits all the relevant science.

Semenya has testes, not ovaries. Having no traditional male external genitalia, she was raised as a female.

Almost all sports are divided into the sexual binary, male and female, along the lines of your physical expression of genes. As it happens, the intersex athletes, three of whom took the medals in the women‘;’s 400m, don’t fit into either physical sex. So, they should have their own category, or compete in the category that reflects their physical reality. Semenya is intersex but her physical reality is male. She has T levels of a man, she looks like a man (not that that is the deciding factor), she has hips and runs like a man, and routinely beats all women when her “normal” T levels are present.

The two tracks in the Olympics are “open” (Male) and “female.” Since Semenya is intersex, she can run in her own category if <.01% warrants one) or in the open (men’s) races.

Her running in the women’s races (and the running of any trans woman, I would argue) deprives true physical females of any opportunity to race and win. Look at the three intersex winners of the 400m. Then look at the next three female runners. THEY are the winners of the women’s 400m and should have received the medals. One can easily understand why they were not THRILLED about Semenya running under a temporary order removing the T level restraints.

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