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Why is it that articles like this, which are, in any event, a hodge podge of unrelated studies and anecdotes, refer to “whites” as if they are a homegenous hive mind?

Further, the fact that Asians of certain cultures group together in suburbs like the example mentioned, with cultural support in the form of shops, religious centers, and other institutions, is deemed natural and neutral, while the cluster of whites with like whites in suburbs that provide the shops, religious centers, and institutions that THEY are used to is seen as white flight based on race?

Finally, I can understand not wanting my kids in a school that is jet-powered with highly-pressured, tutored kids. I can understand wanting to allow my kids a more normal pace.

In sum, none of the behaviors by any of the groups here presents a problem, in my mind.

Suburbs are each their own little bubble, and a X family might not want to live in a bubble with predominant Y culture. You can look at it as their loss, but you shouldn’t be bewailing the racism of it all.

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