Why Ryan Lochte’s Lie May Mean the Universe to People We Will Never Know
Rafael Shimunov

Yes, Brazil’s politicians have committed horrible crimes in order to have the World Cup and Olympics and yes, it would make sense if the Games were played at a permanent site so that this corruption and waste need not occur, especially in developing countries. At the same time, the fact is that Rio IS a city plagued by violent crime, as is a considerable portion of Brazil. The fact is that a number of athletes WERE robbed at gunpoint during the Games. Being aware of the environment as it was and continues to be is not an insult to the Brazilian people. Oddly, the Brazilians went absolutely ballistic about the Lochte case, giving the impression that crime was not, in fact, a problem.

I would argue that Lochte did far more harm to Americans. He continues the Ugly American stereotype.

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