Please ignore false information from storeofvalue

Malcolm Lerider
Dec 18, 2017 · 1 min read

This is not going to be a long article, I just want to make it clear that this site is intentionally spreading false information over and over again, and that you in the future can ignore information from this source. I really don’t know why this person hates NEO so much, but I can only assume it is because we are doing something good and it rubs him the wrong way because he is invested in another project.

Latest article included the following false claims:

“dBFT requires the number of nodes in the system to be fixed and known globally.”

False, dBFT require that 2/3 of the nodes come to consensus.

“If any node goes offline, consensus cannot occur and the blockchain will effectively shut down.”

False, nodes have been down several times during upgrades and still no shut down.

“The addresses of each validation node, were hardcoded into the code base”

False, this is system nodes that will kick in as consensus node if the voting algorithm end up with less than 7 consensus nodes (as the whitepaper explains). In fact, two community nodes have already been voted in for a short time, proving that your statement is wrong. Or, you know, you can read the voting code yourself (I’ll save you some time:

The rest of the article is just rant on how apparently the code in the link above does not exist.

So please just ignore this site in the future, my time is really better spent than writing answers to intentionally false claims.

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