The builds incredibly slow websites
Austin Wulf

I got my beta a while back, but just starting to get into it.

I’ll be painfully candid: The output site looks cool — if you aren’t good with CSS or overly OCD about exact order of content, inability to resize, etc. However, the backend UI is beyond horrible. It looks OK, and isn’t terrible; you are inundated with hundreds of settings/controls/fields, but the time it takes to actually SEE the result of a 5 second language change is unacceptable.

I was playing with creating a layout similar to, but with a small amount of navigation menus (About, Contact, Services for example). I created a page, and marked it to be included in the navigation.

After about 10 minutes, my site reflected nothing anywhere that indicated I had added content. Finally, after about 20 minutes it was there, but guess what? Nothing in menu. So I went back into the editor, and guess what??? The ‘Navigation’ check box was no longer checked and the “Title” I had given was also gone.

So then, finally the ‘page’ (tile) showed up with my desired text. So, I went in and just added a couple more words so I could visibly detect my change had taken. After ‘publishing’, I waited about 10 minutes — in the meantime, finding this post — and STILL nothing.

Since Founding Members won’t be charged until full release, I will continue to watch for improvements. I don’t necessarily mind not being able to order my tiles(which seems to be completely arbitrary); though I may have some small business I work with that will care — I certainly won’t recommend they build their site with this anytime soon.

If nothing changes dramatically between now and full release, then I will definitely be demanding a refund, assuming I can get one, as according to someone on here I think, the wouldn’t grant them a refund.