A recent medical study has confirmed it — Non-surgical Penis enlargement actually do work

It’s the news that tens of thousands of males have waiting for. (At least secretly at least, been waiting for!)

A recent review of health literature has shown that certain nonsurgical techniques to increase and improve penis size do really work. But before you get happy, not all penis enlargement devices and procedures work.
A recent study printed in the bulletin of “British Association of Urological Surgeons” discovered that penile traction systems were most successful in extending the width of the male penis. It also found in this study that surgical procedures performed on the penile tissue of men can be extremely hazardous and have ‘unacceptably high’ degree of complications. This includes male penile deformity, lumps and even loss of sensitivity.

Penis Enlargement Research

This research was conducted by Italian scientists Paolo Gontero and Marco Ordera at the University of Turin in Rome. These doctors analyzed literature on both non-surgical and surgical procedures on so called ‘male enhancement products’ and found 10 important studies.

Surgical techniques performed on 121 guys were reported on by half, while the others discussed non-invasive procedures used by 109 men. In one study it was found that by using traction, there was an average increase of between 1.8–2.3 cm (in flaccid state) , while there was an increase of about 2.6cm while erect.

That said to attain these amazing results the guys had to follow a grueling regime which involved wearing these devices for up to 6 hours per day and at least for four months.
Other approaches the scientists examined contained a ‘penis pumps’ which works as a vacuum to elongate the male-organ. The academics stated that the pump’s use was found to be effective if it was used for a period of six months or more.

Paolo Gontero and Marco Ordera furthermore testified that “peno-sctroal-rings”, which fit across the penis, may help with maintaining an erection and even augment its size for longer periods of time.

The doctors also said that any increase in length did not have any effect on the thickness of the penile tissue, but it did not show any drop in width.
This kind of research originated after there was a massive increase in patients seeking help with increasing the size of their penis. Men find that having a small penis has a rather emotional stigma among his peers and with lovers. By increasing the size his male organ he does not feel ashamed if he were to stand next to a guy at the urinal or having sex.

Doctors also mentioned that men tend to ask for help as they not actually sure what is known as big or small.

What is normal?

Many men are asking for help only because they tend to overestimate what is known as ordinary. Normal is considered 4 cm when limp and about 7.5 cm when erect. If it’s smaller than that you may want to checkout penis enlargement products at the local male enhancement shop.