Dear Annie,
Steve Huang

The fact you actually believe Peter Liang is a victim in all of this shows your anti-black racism. If you actually knew anything about the black lives matter movement (which I don’t expect you to know, because Asians are just now realizing white people don’t like them as well as they thought they did.) you would know how corrupt the justice system is. Akai Gurley is the only victim.

Peter Liang could’ve tried to save him but his negligence only assured Akai Gurley’s death. He deserves to go to jail and honestly deserves more jail time. It doesn’t matter he may get raped in prison, he KILLED someone. There are consequences when you do that. If you accidentally kill someone with your car, it’s still vehicular manslaughter and you will still do jail time.

So what exactly are you protesting for? You’re upset he’s not getting off like white police officers do and want him to be able to get off with murdering unarmed black people is what it looks like. The black community has been calling for reformation of the justice system and the NYPD LONG before this happened, without the support of thousands of Chinese Americans.

Institutional racism exists, and your status as an Asian-American does not exempt you from getting the shaft when it comes to racial injustice in this country. The “Model Minority” is a myth, and white people do not care about Asian-Americans, much like how Asian-Americans don’t care about how black people are murdered by police until one of the cops is part of their community.