Peter Liang Was Justly Convicted- He’s Not A Victim, Says This Niece of Vincent Chin
Annie Tan

The responses to this article show just how deeply anti-blackness is rooted within the Asian community. In the past 2 years there have been no Asian Protests of this size to protest police brutality and injustice in the American justice system, they only came out of the woodwork because they’re upset a system designed to jail minorities didn’t exempt Peter Liang even though he was part of the “Model Minority.”

If they legitimately cared about Police Officers being held responsible for their actions they would have been outraged for Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, but the Asian Community stayed SILENT on all of these cases.

These protests are nothing more than a rude awakening that Asian-Americans are not and will never be white, nor will they benefit from white privilege when someone has to pay for the crime. I guarantee you if this was another white cop black victim, the Asian community wouldn’t have said a word as they’ve done for the past 2 years.

Your article was fantastic and everyone that’s upset about it is showing their racist beliefs by assuming now is the time to call to action when the black community has been screaming/protesting for YEARS. You’re late to the party, Asian-American community. This is how racism works.

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