You’re right, Asians would not have showed up to the black protests… just like blacks wouldnt show…
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You’re willfully ignoring the anti-blackness that runs rampant in asian cultures and goes unchecked. Black people have been protesting against police brutality for years, where were all these concerned Asian-Americans at during the Eric Garner protests? I didn’t see 10,000 Chinese Americans out then to demand “equal treatment of police officers.” You’re asking for black people to support Asian-American protests as if they happen as often as Black Lives Matter protests do.

All of these people bought into the model minority myth and asserted themselves adjacent to white people. Now that white people have told them “You’re not one of us.” they’re upset and suddenly demand equal treatment. A black man is still dead at the hands of a police officer, and while we were getting justice Asian-Americans were unbothered flipping the channel whenever they saw anything related to police brutality because they considered themselves above that.

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