6 simple ways to re-vamp your balcony space

Does your balcony look too boring? Do you feel that you have a beautiful balcony space but can’t find a reason to use it? Well, here are 6 easy steps to make your balcony space more interesting and exciting and 6 reasons to spend some quality time with your family or yourself.

1.) Artificial grass

Artificial grass will give an elegant look to your balcony and will transform it into a refreshing and an appealing corner of your house. It will give your house a new definition and a new identity, a place where you will cherish every moment you spend at home. Artificial grass is also great for your kids and your pets. It is a safe, soft and a perfect place for them to play and grow; now you won’t have to worry about your kids getting hurt while playing. Plus, it looks like real grass with no maintenance required. Now who wouldn’t want that?

2.) Indoor Golf

Another great idea would be to make an indoor mini golf space in your balcony. A perfect spot for some family fun time or you could also call it a bachelor life’s dream come to reality. A game of miniature golf is a fun way to spend time with the whole family. Climatic conditions and time available do not always allow us to go outdoors as often as we wish, but the Malibu-tech’s Lush Sports Golf turf will stand by you through all seasons and whenever you feel like indulging in some classy golf.

3.) Lights

Put together a string of beautiful lights to give your balcony a delightful ambiance. These lights will also compliment the artificial grass and in all both these additions will bring a gorgeous look to your balcony

4.) Hanging herb garden

Make a herb garden with hanging tin cans or hanging pots. These fresh herbs could come handy to cook some fresh food with rich flavour and fragrance. You could plant herbs like Tulsi, Basil, Curry leaves, Mint leaves etc.

5.) Hammock chair

Hanging an outdoor furniture piece adds more comfort and style to your balcony, making your home more inviting and beautiful. Bringing decorative accents and seducing luxury into your homes is always a great idea, isn’t it?

6.) A cosy sitting area

If not a Hammock chair, you can always go for a good old sitting area. When it comes to ideas for arranging a sitting area, sky is the limit. One of the many options is to use old storage crates and use them as a sitting area. Another option is to set up a small coffee table with two or more chairs to enjoy a warm cup of coffee while reading a book or enjoy the sunset with your loved ones.

To be honest the real charisma to the balcony comes only via the artificial grass application.

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Hope you guys find these ideas interesting. If you ever try these ideas out, don’t forget to share it with us, we’d love to see your creative charm.

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