Innovative Roofing Ideas — Decorating with the basics

If you own a studio apartment or a penthouse, Voila! Half your work is already done! With the modern transformations happening, architects will now come to your doorstep to prep-up your home.

There are so many ways in which roof terraces can be enhanced; for instance, turning it into a garden, a dining area or your very own personal gym. One may like to spend time here during calm, autumn evenings or experience some of the philosophical moments of life. Provided that the surrounding backdrop is scenic and vivid, we are surely to feel at peace with ourselves.

Besides, the panoramic view of the gleaming lights of a metropolitan city from the top of a high rise building, would just give an out of this world experience.

One of the classical deviants is lodging a metal roof that looks akin to a porch coupled with some modern furniture and the place is perfectly decked up for inviting your boss for a dinner meeting or hosting a casual gathering with friends.

To add up to the posh quotient of the look of the terrace, it would seem elegant to plant an umbrella carved out of polycarbonate material to give an ambience of beach with lush green grass on the skirts of the walls. An easy way out is placing lots and lots of plants which would also be aesthetically appealing besides giving a pleasing effect.

The furniture should be arranged in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct mobility and the area appears spacious. The UV blockage is another huge advantage of these panels, making them the perfect material choice for such ideas. Polycarbonate roofs are perfect for sun rooms, patios, and other rooms that require natural light to be let in through the roof. One of the cheats to making the furniture look full without compromising on your pockets is adding lots of cushions — of all the possible sizes and shapes! Not only do they add to the beauty but also make you at ease and comfortable in your own little haven.

If the terrace does not have enough room for a lot of furniture, it is feasible to settle with a few chairs and a small tea table with in house plants. This will also keep the look minimalistic, not over do the area and there will be sufficient leeway for movement.

Furthermore, a hammock could also be suspended for a ‘beach feel’ or in that case, also place beach chairs alongside some green plants and pebbles.

A combination of glass railings or a partition for creating a separate segment along with wooden furnishings would give a modern look to your terrace. Also placing a tea table with pebbles under the glass will also keep the look bonny.

To create a more rustic effect, setting up an Indian seating arrangement with old lamps and long oval cushions in a colour palette of corals will just do perfect.

If you want to shelter off from the sun during the summers, then it is reasonable to put a roof that blends in with the décor.

So prep up your terrace and be all set for the praises!

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