Inculcating self-reliance and sustainability to improve communities

Saving to Google Drive

Actually, redesigning the whole experience.

  • Instead of saving on their computer, some users wanted to save their files to Google Drive so that their colleagues can access various folders.

Custom landing page for referral invitees

Using the power of viral loops to generate growth.

  • Build a product that solves the user’s core problem(s).
  • Improve the product so that it becomes the users’ go-to-stop for the solution of their specific problem.

Photo by Krsto Jevtic on Unsplash

The heart and soul of MASV.

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

The process I followed to design contextual paywalls for multiple upgrade-paths.

The Situation

Olivier Miguel & Malik Jumani working on the Raptor Reloaded’s assembly

Fail, learn, rinse, repeat.

Credit: Qazi Ikram Ul Haq

Image courtesy: Álvaro Serrano

Or else, I would bounce off and go to the next website.

Malik Jumani

Product Manager, Engineer, Writer, Gamer, Photog. I am a Product and User Experience enthusiast working to develop friction-less experiences for tech-users.

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