The Importance of Black History Month

**Even though it is not currently Black History Month**

The importance of black history month is allowing society to repay its long unpaid dues to a race that has seen decades of neglect and hatred toward it. It is evident in history that individuals of African descent have been racially persecuted through hate speech by society, laws and regulations from governments across the globe, and labelled with prejudice by law enforcement in western nations. These are three reasons why it is important a month is allocated to honour and pay homage to the African American’s who have died attempting to reverse the norms established by a society in a very much backwards time.

Firstly, the populous of western nations have seen a clear “white to black” divide. African Americans have been seen as lower class or third class citizens, and white or “American” individuals are characterized as first class citizens. Examples such as Rosa Parks can support this, as she was asked to move from her seat on the bus to make room for an American or white individual. Black individuals have constantly been degraded and belittled purely for their skin color, and this has resulted in not only verbal abuse, but physical abuse as well. Many lives were lost purely because of hate crimes and hate mongering, and these are lives that must be remembered and payed respects to during black history month. Through black history month, we can commit these actions, as well as attempt to restore a trust in individuals of African American descent, a trust generations have lost.

Arbitrary force and discrimination against black individuals has been commonplace in Western Nations for quite some time. There are cases dating back to the mid-1800’s that involve a death or deaths, of African Americans because of police errors or police using arbitrary force for a much smaller crime. Police officers have readily abused their power against African American individuals and the justice system has shown little to no retaliation or retribution for these actions, mainly because of a skewed system that works in favour of law enforcement rather than the people. This discrimination is one that is still evident today, which makes it one of the most important reasons for Black History month. All the families that have lost children or relatives to arbitrary force have a void that cannot be filled, but by respecting their lives and acknowledging the prejudice performed against them, we are fulfilling our role as functioning members of society. To conclude, black history month is the only way society can apologize on behalf of previous generations for the crimes it committed against a race, through racial persecution, unjust laws and regulations, and prejudice from law enforcement.

**Just a little spiel even though I believe every month should be committed to educate everyone on every race/religion/culture**