We’re All Nothings, Trying To Do Something

So before I start just take a moment to watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smmNP8G69vc

What did you think after watching that video? Probably small.

I watched this video and thought…

“We are nothing compared to the vastness of the Universe”

Example: Take your phone in your hand. Imagine that it’s the universe. An atom of your entire phone would be our Milky Way. Then a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of that is our Planet Earth, and even smaller than that, is you and me.

And you know what I thought

“I get upset about people who choose not to be a part of my life, and who choose to not like me. I let people who are nothing compared the the largest known sun intimidate me. I let people who are pebbles in our Milky Way push me around. I let society which is nothing compared to our Sun dictate how I should be as a human being.”

And I realized WTF? I am Khadija Kayanaat Asif Malik. Sure there is someone who probably looks like me, has the same exact name as me, the same height as me, the same age as me, and even has the same birthday as me.


There is only one me brain. Which again is nothing compared to the largest known star but still a me brain, and with my me brain I can do WHATEVER I want.

Because, me telling someone off or me smiling at someone or me failing a test doesn’t affect the way planets spin in our solar system or the placement of atoms in our Solar System.

So, instead of being scared of people, being shy in front of people, or being afraid of people. I decided that I’m going to be the outgoing, crazy, intimidating, and intellectual person I’m meant to be. And instead of letting people push me around or crying over nothing. I should make my nothingness into a something-ness for me, not for anyone else, but me.

Because we are all nothings trying to do something.

We take life too seriously. We are nothings, and we should act like it. That’s why I realized I should be a strong and independent nothing that I was meant to be.

Don’t be scared to be yourself, because there is nothing holding you back. We are nothing in this universe, tiny tiny specks in the grand scheme of things. Don’t let anything hold you back from being happy, because you have no effect on the world. You can say anything, be anything, do anything, and it won’t matter at all. Don’t be scared to make that dumb joke, or stand up for yourself, because who cares if someone thinks wrong about you; they’re even more insignificant than you are!