UpCara Foundation Plans for Older Adults’ Health Care via HOPE

As the chairman of Grain Capital Group in Zurich, Malini Saba has produced significant growth in the areas of commodities, real estate, and PCs. Malini Saba has leveraged her self-made success to provide seed money for charitable endeavors such as the UpCara Foundation.

UpCara comes from the Sanskrit words for access and serve. This global organization seeks to enable women to receive adequate health care in a framework of sustainable technology. UpCara works at the grassroots level by partnering with local agencies and their leaders to fight for human rights for girls and women.

UpCara’s new evidence-based health initiative is Health for Older Persons Everywhere (HOPE). In developing countries, many people live out their senior years with inadequate access to medical facilities. HOPE will help elderly individuals with planning for their individual needs and will provide information on coordinated care.

HOPE will also educate patients, families, staff, and decision makers in protocols for diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, and pain relief. Additionally, the initiative will inform medical staff of modalities for dealing with dementia and depression and instruct caregivers in providing home visits, ensuring safety, and building support services.

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