UpCara’s HOPE Initiative

Malini Saba, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, is the founder of UpCara, an organization focused on providing women across the globe with health care over the course of their lives.

UpCara derives its name from a Sanskrit word meaning “access and serve.” The organization strives to both access and serve women in need of health care throughout the world, working with local infrastructure, businesses, and government organizations to make a sustainable global impact on women’s health.

One of UpCara’s initiatives focuses on the health concerns of women over the age of 65. HOPE (Health for Older Persons Everywhere) is designed to meet the unique needs of older people who live in developing countries and have poor access to health screening and preventive care. Through HOPE, UpCara seeks to develop a model that works with existing entities and can be utilized around the world.

HOPE includes plans that address prevention, wellness, and treatment. It also provides recommendations regarding education for medical staff, individuals, and families palliative care, hospice, and medication management. The need for screening for dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and other chronic ailments is also addressed. Finally, HOPE provides evidence-based models related to home care, fall prevention, and disease management.