Are You A Leader? Stop Making/Listening Excuses

When I had just left the university to join employment, I was not only lazy but unserious. In case I was allocated a task, I would always find a way to justify not doing it as long as it involved stepping outside my zone of comfort.

Ideally, when allocated a task, I’d do just as much to guarantee and explain my giving up. Inside me, I knew my potential and my capability. I knew I’d do so much if I had given up excuses.

This went on for months and months. Always giving in my best and when things looked like they were about to go out of my comfort zone, I’d make up an excuse — a very good one.

But we have all heard that the magic doesn’t happen in the comfort zone. No one will ever be mesmerized by you doing something they already knew you can do. No one will be surprised that you signed a contract or married someone they expected you to.

Naturally, anything once given an opportunity, it’ll use it to escape from going over and above.

Do you find yourself making excuses when you do not perform? Shed the excuses and face reality. Excuses are the loser’s way out. They will mar your credibility and stunt your personal growth — Alexander Pope

Take an example of water being poured in a jar. That water will rise and fill the jar for as long as there is no way out for it.

Yet, if you prick a hole on that same jar, the water will give up on the initial agenda of rising up to the top. It’ll instead start leaking.

The same applies to humans. They’ll always give up as long as they find out that there’s actually a way out for them. Hence the excuses.

What made me give up on the habit of giving excuses was what I call the no-nonsense boss. He knew I had a lot of potentials and didn’t want me lost in the blame game. Even if he knew I wasn’t liable for something going wrong, he’d hold me responsible.

He didn’t care to listen who was wrong or who was right. To him, I had to man up and take responsibility. Stop giving excuses for things going wrong.

He also made sure that he wouldn’t listen to problems but only solutions — and final solutions at that. This turned me into a person that crafts solutions instead of the one who stops at identifying the problems.

In the end, he made sure he didn’t give me a hole to escape from. I had to rise and the only way out for me was filling my jar.

I’d like to implore all parents, bosses, leaders, teachers etc to stop creating escape routes. Make your subordinates accountable. Let them know that whether there’s no electricity or the internet, you expect that report.

Let them know that whether it rains, you expect them in the agreed meeting at the agreed time. Whether it rains or there’s a traffic jam, you expect them in office at the usual time.

This will not only help you but these people you are forcing to turn into beings that never give excuses. They’ll thank you later. Trust me, you will be astonished at how your subordinates will find a way to deliver results. #Malinz