I didn’t Want to Write an Article Today, Here’s What I Did Instead

It’s so easy to make a to-do list. In fact after we have drafted It, we look in the mirror, smile and tell ourselves ‘today’s going to be a great Day!’

But, the real drama is in executing. My friend, things get complicated at that stage. Especially when it comes to the ugliest task of the the day. The one that sends chills down your spine.

You may try all sorts of excuses. Go to the bathroom, pretend to read something ‘very important’, reply to ‘urgent’ emails, ignore your to-do list and so on. But the inner you still reminds you. It reminds you that there’s something still pending. Something you should be attending to.

That’s when you realize that you have no escape route. And let me tell you, the moment you start sidestepping the ugliest task on the list, however much you think you have been productive that day, you’ll never truly enjoy that ‘victory’. Something inside you will still tell you that you’re nothing but a coward. You’re not hitting your best.

Has such a thing happened to you before? In fact, to rephrase my question; Isn’t such a thing what’s happening to you right now?

Are you just going to let that ugly task on your to-do list lie there and take the win? Come on! You can do better than that. Better than taking the L!

I’ll give you my experience. I’m supposed to write an article at 1.30pm everyday. But whenever I look at the clock and it’s 1pm, I start panicking. Number one; Because i have no idea of what to write about and number two; Because that time usually finds me in different places.

What do i do? Instead of letting fear win, I try and focus on anything. Whatever comes to my mind first is what becomes the title. I don’t wait for the perfect timing or the perfect mood. I go in there and then.

Today, the 1.30pm found me at UMC in the lounge waiting from my results from the doctor. And, as i opened my Facebook, a notification popped of someone liking my yesterday’s post. This was an indicator that it was about time to.

With no clue of what to write about, I just started typing — and ladies and gentlemen this is the article you’re reading. To make it even worse, my phone froze when i was about 3/4 done with the writing and had to re-do it.

I have done mine. I’ve cleared my ugly task on the to-do list — otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

Want to know what i did to ensure i ate my frog? Well, I realized i had no option. I realized it was about time i manned up and did what i pledged to do. And here i am, done! There’s nothing else left.

Maybe you’re there thinking you need motivation or the right mood/timing to do whatever is ugly on your to-do list. I have some bad news. And its simple — you don’t need any of the above.

What you need is simple; To Just realize that when you make a to-do list, you don’t make it for your wife, boss, children, or friends. It’s yours. Plus, your to-do list is your pledge to be productive through out the day. Skipping any of the tasks is never part of the plan.

So, I’ll sign off by telling you to man the fuck up and start clearing your to-do lists. Otherwise, quit making them. #Malinz

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