Stop Pushing a Closed Door, Instead Look for an Open One & Enter

On Monday this week, I wrote about a gentleman who has been looking for a job, for now, one and a half years, but all in vain.

So, this morning, I was listening to the GaryVee podcast. He hosted the new President for K-Swiss. It was a very good conversation and I picked out some wisdom plus lessons.

I was an ardent lover of Adidas sneakers until I read Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog. I fell in love with Nike because of Phil’s entrepreneurial journey and plights.

Yet, based on this morning, I might shift from the current blue corner to an orange one. That means I have switched corners twice.

The new K-Swiss president is targeting the current entrepreneurial wave culture.

Simply put, the way Nike used Athletes — the likes of Tiger Woods, Mike Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo etc — to rise to the top. The way Adidas used celebrities to rise to the top. K-Swiss is aiming at the current and growing entrepreneurial spirit and generation.

Their aim is to make shoes and apparel that speaks to the generational of ‘I do or want to do my own thing’.

In my view, this is one of the greatest strategies. Because, I mean out of 10 Millennials, Maybe 6 wish or want to do something of their own. And, as the president put it, ‘no one cares about running 6 miles or dunking anymore as much as he or she did 2 decades ago’. Kids now want to be their own CEOs.

And he summarized by saying that instead of being the 5th Nike or 10th Adidas, why not be the first? Why should you enter the field that’s already crowded instead of going somewhere still fresh? And that’s what he’s doing exactly.

Stop pushing closed doors, instead LOOK for the open ones and enter. My jobless man is still pushing a closed door. #Malinz

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