Why You Should Embrace Struggling!

Many people quit whenever things get tough. They quit whenever they start struggling. Yet, if only we could find out why we struggle, then we wouldn’t quit. Instead, we would embrace struggling more.

This world is full of talented people. The only thing it is short of is talented people willing to embrace struggle. People willing to put their heads down and grind hard to get the best of their talents. It is not rare to find even talented people giving up in areas they’re supposed to be the leaders.

‘Why do people struggle?’ You must be asking. Ideally, we are all expected to struggle or suck at something for two reasons; If it is our first time doing it or if we have done it before but haven’t given it our all yet.

Many people are busy quitting because they are not good at what they are doing yet. They forget to ask themselves why they’re struggling. Let’s be honest, don’t expect to be the greatest dancer after dancing for a day. Don’t expect to get 100 likes on facebook the first time you post. Don’t expect that beautiful girl to say ‘YES’ on the first date.

You’ll have to struggle through. You’ll have to go through the ups and downs.

The good news I can tell you is that If you’re struggling, then it means you’re making progress. It means you’re trying. Yet it also indicates that you’re not yet good enough. That there are some areas you still need to improve. These are the areas that you now need to attack and improve — not quit. There’s no way struggling means that you should quit.

Let’s appreciate struggling because the pain you endure during the struggle is what will make the victory worth it. It is what you’ll use as a benchmark to get through future difficulties.

When faced with something that’ll prove impossible in the future, you’ll be able to refer to that time when you overcame a habit, a relationship or a past experience that you struggled with.

A person that overcomes smoking doesn’t achieve the victory after deciding that they’re quitting. The victory is achieved after a series of trying, failing, struggling, going back to smoking and so on. But, when they finally give up the habit, it is those moments they’ll look back to and appreciate.

Just to give you another snippet, look back at a time when you figured out how to balance a bicycle. The entire process of learning was a struggle but that smile you wore the first time you balanced the bicycle indicated that the struggle was worth it.

It is also common for people to tell themselves that “if I overcame such and such, then I will overcome this” when they’re struggling with something in the future. This is an indicator that our current struggles will be worth it when we are faced with more struggles in the future.

In conclusion, the equation of mastering anything in life involves struggle. What we do when we are faced with that is what determines where we end up.

Tomorrow, when you make a decision to become great at something, expect to struggle because you don’t know how to do most of the things.

You have no idea of which direction to take. You will be faced with the decision to quit more than once — actually, more than you can guess. But I urge you not to give up. I urge you not to give quitting a single chance. Because only through struggle do you stand a chance to become great.

The whole essence of struggling is not to show us that we can never be great. The essence is to show us which areas we are still lacking to become great. And, only when you embrace the struggle should you expect to become great.

It is ok to STRUGGLE, it is not ok to QUIT.

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