You are totally right about the “closers”.
Tucker Calhoun

(*Context, Tucker worked with me at this company*)

Good for you in resisting the pressure to just close everyone you could. You probably made the company we were selling for far more money than the rest of us — but because most companies don’t track metrics in that way they probably never knew that they should be paying you more. Even just 10 years ago, building a CoCA:LTV model for the company was still a fairly new concept. The only way we knew to measure you was the number of units you sold per pay period, and so that’s the only way we could pay you.

If we had been tracking the customer lifetime value generated by the sales reps, we would have seen that most of us were probably costing them money. At the very least we likely would have found that you were making us a lot more.

If we had been better at selling customers who stayed around a long time, we could have paid sales reps like you a lot more and spent more on localized inbound marketing to set you up with qualified sales conversations — and fired sales reps like me and the people who listened to what I was telling them to do.

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