Yes, I look at the stock price more often than I should, even though I tell you not to.
An Open Letter To HubSpot Employees: Focus On Value, Not Valuation
Dharmesh Shah

I think we did a better job than most companies at lowering internal expectations about going public. I remember even asking in a meeting if we were ever going to get excited about it, at which the CMO chuckled. We were consistently told to treat this as we would any other fundraising event.

I loved the day we IPO’d, because we all gathered in Benioff (biggest conference room in our office), watched them ring the bell, cheered a bit, and then crowd immediately evaporated as we all went back to work for the customers.

We are often told not to look at the stock price. Halligan (our CEO) once said something like “Outside of earnings calls, no one in the outside world knows what’s happening here. So why should we care about fluctuations in the stock price that happen outside of the information we make public?”

But it’s a tough thing not to do for employees where $HUBS is a part of our net worth as individuals.

Anchoring posts like these are very helpful, though. If we just focus on building an amazing company that solves for the customers, the market will reward that over the long term because customers will reward that.

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