Yes, the world continues to change, just as it always has.
Hank M. Greene

Thanks for reading, Hank.

I use design and art interchangeably here because I mean for this to be solely constrained within the context of business. As noted in the opening, there is now — and will hopefully forever be — a place for great art and writing and other wondrous works of creativity outside the realm of business.

Within this context, the impact of so-called “AI” isn’t in creating art, although it may enable it and inform the strategy behind it. Rather it’s the impact on artists who must now accept the fact that services which drive growth for their employers (such as search engines) are trying to use “AI” to understand their work. This is the same shift that writers endured during the early days of the search engines.

I am not particularly qualified to comment on the philosophy of art in the general sense. I’m no great critic, but I hope and believe that great art (along with great writing and most aspects of creativity) will remain the domain of humans for some time to come.

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