I’d like to know more about how Medium is potentially competing with Wordpress as a site publishing…
Tom Dewell

Thanks for reading, Tom!

We’ll see where Medium goes with their strategy. They’re obviously going through some strategic realignment right now. They have the potential to be very competitive in the CMS space because they can bring traffic to websites through their built-in network effects. SquareSpace may compete with WordPress, but they’re really just a different flavor of the same technology. Medium can solve the time-to-value for someone launching a web presence through their network effects, which potentially puts them into a “blue ocean” of CMS use cases. No other CMS really helps you get traffic beyond basic social publishing and SEO features. All of those are about drawing from the wells owned by other communities (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Medium has their own well to draw from.

It’s an interesting possible angle. We’ll see if that’s the direction they go. I tend to doubt that they will because their focus still seems very much on writing and publishing and not much on the whole web-experience for people — but if they did it’d sure make life interesting :)