CMOs have one primary role and all companies and candidates please take note. They exist to uncover insights. They use those insights to inform and direct the company agenda. Then they work collaboratively across the organization to ensure the insights drive awareness, affinity, and loyalty which all lead to greater revenue (this sentence is a CMO’s role description in a nutshell).
Fit and Focus: Hiring a Chief Marketing Officer
Jeff Swystun

Truly excellent article. Thank you for saying this. I think this echoes many of the frustrations senior marketers have had in recent years.

I definitely agree that (at least in some industries, like tech) the pendulum has definitely swung too far from marketing as a soft social science into the delusion that marketing is a hard science that’s purely revenue driven with unreasonable expectations.

However, CMOs should remain cognizant of their direct impact on growth and their ability to optimize a model or funnel. They can have a very direct, measurable impact on revenue growth and do their part as half of the Cost of Customer Acquisition equation.

The insights are critical, but including how they inform the CMOs ability to directly influence and improve the growth model using the marketing and demand generation teams.

Thanks for taking a little of the pressure off marketing :) we’ve somehow gone from being the derided division that the company sees as sitting in the sandbox playing with crayons to being entirely too pressured to own the growth innovation for the whole company. Somewhere in the middle (ok, maybe slightly closer towards the latter) is where we belong.

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