What’s Next?
Matt Lauzon

You may not remember speaking at HubSpot years ago, but an off hand comment by you (“in the future, eCommerce companies will have to think more like SaaS companies”) while I was in the front row was the basis for the book Mike Ewing and I wrote and changed the direction of how we worked with eCommerce customers (which, coincidentally, defined my career and launched my life to where it is now).

We don’t often get to hear about all of the lives we’ve impacted, but your comment as everyone was running out of the room (you went a bit over in time and none of us wanted to leave) was a pivotal moment in my career and, incidentally, my life (I’m writing this comment from Antalya Turkey because some people asked me to speak at their conference after reading the book we wrote based on that comment and the idea of applying customer centric SaaS economics to B2C eCommerce).

Thanks, Matt. Keeping sharing those thoughts with the world. You never know what your example might inspire.

Good luck with the changes in your own life and career, I hope they bring you fulfillment and growth!

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